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Mobile commerce ready

Your online oldLego store includes a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. Your customers can browse and buy from your store using any mobile phone or tablet.

Your own domain name

Use your own domain name, or purchase one through oldLego.

Work with an expert

You can work with one of our oldLego Experts to customize your store from the ground up.

Shopping cart

Secure shopping cart

All credit card and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks: a 256-bit SSL certificate.

Flexible shipping rates

Set up shipping rates by fixed-price, tiered pricing, weight-based, and location-based rates.

Offer free shipping

Improve your average order size by offering free shipping to your customers. You can choose the price point at which free shipping applies.

Flexible taxes

Based on your location, oldLego will automatically handle major country and state tax rates.

Accept credit cards with PayPal

You can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express the minute you launch your shop. You'll get a low credit card rate and no hidden fees.

Multiple languages

Your online store checkout comes in 5+ languages, and you can always translate your store's theme to suit your needs.

Store management

Customer profiles

Learn more about your customers and their shopping habits. Find their contact info and order history at a glance.

Customer groups

Categorize and export customer lists based on location, purchase history, and more


Refund some or all of an order to the payment method used. Your inventory is updated automatically.

Order fulfillment

Fulfill one or multiple orders with just one click, making your daily order management a breeze.

Marketing & SEO

Search engine optimized

Help potential customers find your store using search engines. oldLego supports SEO best practices like customizable H1, title, and meta tags.

Discount codes and coupons

Run sales and promotions by offering coupon codes that save customers money. You choose whether the discount is for dollars off, a percentage off, free shipping, etc.

Twitter and Facebook promotion

You make the price, we make you sell. If your price is less than our suggested one, then we'll promote your Ad in our daily hot deals.

Social media integration

All oldLego websites include social media integration, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr

Abandoned Carts

See what users left in their cart and offer them specific discounts

Best products based on user position

oldLego search module let users know best price/quality rated products based on their position. If you choose to offer Store Pickup option, this will be highlighted if they're near to you!

Precalculated Shipping rates and taxes

Users know shipping rates and taxes as soon as they view even a snippet of your product, so they won't be disappointed.


Inventory management

Manage your entire inventory with oldLego. Track stock counts, and automatically stop selling products when inventory runs out.

Product organization

Use smart categorisation based on our Encyclopedia or user your own.


Import or export your products using CSV files, or one of oldLego's importer/exporter apps.

Multiple images

Add multiple images for your products, so you can show off your product from all angles.

Unlimited products

There's no limit to the number or type of products you can sell in your online store.

Web hosting

Unlimited bandwidth

You'll never be charged based on the number of visitors or traffic to your store.

SSL certificate

Your online store includes a 256-bit SSL certificate to keep your customers' information and business data secure.

Email forwarding

When you buy a domain name with oldLego, you receive unlimited email forwarding. Create email addresses like

99.99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring

Hosted by DigitalOcean, one of major Cloud Hosting Services, our servers will suffer no downtimes. Furthermore, we work around the clock to make sure your website is always online.

Daily backups

All your business information, including products, customers, orders, and inventory, is backed up in our secure data centers every day.



An actionable dashboard of your sales, orders, and traffic helps you make the right choices for your business.

Google Analytics

In addiction to our analytics, Google Analytics works with your online store, so you can track sales, visits, and referrals.

Product reports

Analyze and gain insight into your store's growth. See which products are selling - and which ones aren't.

Traffic/Referral reports

See where your visitors come from, and how they found your online store.

oldLego Mobile

Order fulfillment

Capture payments and fulfill orders right from your phone. Send shipping notifications from the post office.

All your data synced with oldLego

Your products, inventory, orders, and customers are automatically synced between oldLego Mobile and your online store.

Email or call customers

Look up customer profiles and instantly reach out through email or phone.

Mobile dashboard

Quickly see items that need your attention, and track trends in your business.

Manage inventory

Add products, take a product photo, change a price, or manage inventory - all from your phone.

24/7 support

Dedicated support team

The oldLego support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by email, live chat, and phone.

Discussion forums

Get involved in our community discussion forums and take part in conversations about marketing, accounting, and more.

Knowledge base

Find commonly asked questions, user guides, and tutorials in the oldLego wiki.

oldLego Experts

Work with a oldLego approved ecommerce designer, developer, or marketer who can help make your online store a huge success.